Skir Ball Museum, L.A., USA
Frederic Weisman Foundation, L.A., USA
American House, Koln, Germany
American House, Brussels, Belgium
National Museum, Lima, Peru
American Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium
Syracuse University, New York, USA
Paribas Bank, Brussels, Belgium
National Television, Lima, Peru
City of Brussels, Belgium
Broffman Center, Montreal, Canada
JP Morgan Bank, Brussels, Belgium
JP Morgan Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Paribas Bank, Antwerp, Belgium
American Library, Brussels, Belgium
Rockefeller Art Center, New York, USA
Carlton University, Otowa, Canada
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Canada
Alliace Francaise, Paris, France
Musee d’Art Contemporain, Skopje, Yugoslovia
Legano Museum of Modern Art, Italy
Museum voor Schone, Kunsten, Oostende, Belgium
Verzameling van het Ministerie van Belgium
Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brussels, Belgium
ICC, Antwerp, Belgium
City Hall of Tel-Aviv, Israel

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